Information to Presenters

Information to the authors

Oral Presentation

Each session room will be equipped with standard projectors microphones, as well as a desktop computer with Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, and Adobe Reader, VIC, and antivirus software.

You need to be in your session room 10-15 min before your session to meet your session chair, and try out the audio-visual equipment.

The list of session chairs for all sessions is found here. (as sortable web-table)

a)    Papers:

Each paper session will be 90-minutes long and include 4-5 oral presentations. You are allowed 18 minutes for your presentation. Please allocate 14 min for presentation + 2 min for questions + 2 min for switching. The session chairs enforce the times strictly. Please remember to repeat the question that you receive from an interested participant in the audience, so that all session participants can hear the question.

Please load your presentation on a USB stick and pass it to the student helpers in your scheduled session room during the break before your session. You will be asked to sign a content release form for the presentation to be uploaded for web distribution (if applicable).

b)    Scientific demonstrations:

Each demonstration session will be 90-minutes long and include 2 oral presentations. You are allowed 45 minutes for your demonstration. Please allocate 35 min for presentation + 5 min for questions + 5 min for switching. Please introduce yourself to the session chair prior to your session.

c)    Panels, workshops, and mini-symposia:

Each session will be 90-minutes long. Please plan for sufficient time for audience interactions (if applicable).

Poster Presentation

Each poster session will be half-day long (morning and afternoon sessions).

For the morning sessions posters need to be mounted at 08:30 before the start of the morning oral presentation sessions. Posters need to be taken down immediately after the poster session.

For the afternoon session, posters need to be mounted at 13:45 after the end of the morning poster session and before the beginning of the afternoon oral presentation sessions. Posters need to be taken down immediately after the poster session.

Mandatory author presence: There are 90 minutes during which the authors need to be present at the poster, so that conference participants can interact with the authors, discuss the research and ask questions. The mandatory presence time is 90 minutes and is scheduled from 12:00 to 13:30 for th morning session (lunch break time) and from 17:15 to 18:30 for the afternoon session.

For the exact date and time for your poster presentation, please consult the conference program.

Poster format

The poster stands are portrait (!) format (not landscape) and the poster stand size is 2.5 meters (height) x 1 meter (width).
The recommendation to prepare posters is to use posters in ISO A0 size: 119 cm (height) x 84.1 (width) [portrait format]
Please assure that your poster can be read from a distance (minimum of fontsize is 40), there are no templates available.
Poster boards will be numbered, please check the web program or the program booklet to know your poster board number.
Many authors decide to print their 1-page poster abstract and bring it to the poster sessions, so that interested participants can have a physical copy of your research.

Sticky tack to mount the posters at the boards is recommended. We will provide sticky tack if you forget to bring it.


Poster program here


Information to chairs (appointed Chairs for paper session and first author for workshop and panels)


The following information is also avaiable here - Last sentens in 2. is added to information mailed to the oral session chairs.

1. Please check your session assignment for the day and time and venue.  The list of session chair assignments can also be found on: here


2. Once in Copenhagen, please check the online program again, to make sure that there are no last minute changes to the program.  All changes in relation to the printed program (equivalent to the web-program version 1.3) can be found:  here 


3. Please go to the room at least 10 minutes before the session begins and introduce yourself to the speakers in your session. It is mutually beneficial to verify the presenting author’s name and pronunciation.  The speaker has to decide if the presentation should be available on the post conference web. The technical staff has a form for each presentation to be signed by the presenter.


4. Please make sure that speakers have downloaded their presentation slides on to the computer in the room or connected their laptop computer properly to the LCD projector, which assures smooth transitions between the presentations


5. Please note each session is exactly 90 minutes long. Papers are allotted 18 minutes each; and authors have been instructed to keep their talks to 14 minutes, leaving 2 minutes for questions and 2 minutes for switch-­‐over.  


6. Please start the session promptly at the appointed time. It is welcome and appropriate to introduce yourself quickly to the audience as the session chair with your name and affiliation. Please introduce each speaker by name and affiliation, and announcing the title.  


7. Please advise the presenting authors to speak clearly into the microphone. In case of a lavalier microphone (which is placed on the collar of the speaker), make sure it is attached on the side that the speaker is turning the head to when looking at the slides.


8. Please make sure that the speakers keep strictly to the schedule. It would be helpful to remind the speakers how long they have left in their presentation (e.g., putting up 5-­‐ minute and 1-­‐minute warning signs with large and prominent fonts.). For your convenience we have attached some signs at the end of these instructions, which you may print out prior to the travels or hold-­‐up on your mobile device (if applicable).  


9. You will also need to direct and time the questions asked after the presentations. Please remind the speakers to repeat the question, so that everyone in the room can hear what was asked. If there are no questions at the end of a presentation, please ask a question yourself. If the presentation generates many questions, please suggest that the conversations continue after the session.


10. If a speaker does not show up, please continue with the next speaker.  


11. If for any reason you realize that you are unable to chair the session, please contact us or someone from the local organizing committee immediately so that we can arrange for a replacement.


12. If you have any questions, please contact the Scientific Program Co-­‐Chairs at