The Danish Society of Medical Informatics  (DSMI) was established in 1966 and the society joined IMIA in 1980. DSMI is an independent society with an associated status to the Danish Medical Societies. The aim of the society is to compile and disseminate theoretical and practical knowledge in medical informatics, and to stimulate research and the use of IT-based information systems in health care.


Currently the number of members is 220 personal members and 26 enterprise members counting for additionally approx. 1500 interested persons as the members include all five regions in Denmark and the national authorities responsible for national registries and classifications, and institutions working to improve the digital infrastructure within healthcare. Furthermore 6 large hospitals and 11 IT- and consultancy-vendors are enterprise members, including all the major health IT-vendors operating in Denmark. Only personal members are entitled to vote at the general assembly.

The composition of the personal members is 30% clinicians (doctors, nurses and physical therapists), 10% academics and 60% others (administrators, consultants, project leaders, IT-vendors).

The number of personal members has decreased during the last three years, whereas the number of enterprise members seems to be stable. However, the number of individuals related to the enterprise has increased considerable. In 2007 thirteen regional counties were merged into five regions causing many personal members to change from a personal membership to an enterprise membership.


DSMI organizes one annual national conference. The annual two-days conference presents invited key-note speakers and two sessions with presentations selected by the DSMI board from blinded abstracts called for from DSMI members four months in advance of the conference. The abstracts are made public at the DSMI website before the conference. The conference has a poster exhibition and social program for the participants. The society’s members of the board organize the annual conference with hired help from our secretariat. Last annual two-day conference was held in March 2012 and welcomed 110 participants.

In addition to the annual two-day conference DSMI organizes approximately three special topic meetings besides several site visits at health IT-organizations and vendors every year. The society hosts a website (www.dsmi.dk) and contributes with editorials and papers to a national magazine on Medicine, Technology and Informatics.

DSMI has since 2003 been one of the organizers of the Scandinavian conference on Health Informatics (SHI) which is held every year and gathers 100-300 participants. In 2005 and 2006 SHI was situated in Denmark. Denmark hosted the SHI 2010 in August in Copenhagen. 

The largest medical informatics meeting arranged by DSMI was Medical Informatics Europe 96 in Copenhagen with more than 1000 attendees from all over the world.


The Danish Society for Medical Informatics has as secretariat, hired by contract, Danish Centre for Health Informatics situated at Aalborg University (V-CHI). The secretariat has 15 years of experience in setting up meetings and conferences within the field of health informatics. The largest event is a yearly national two-day meeting on health IT with more than 650 participants and 25 vendor exhibits.

National office:

Danish Centre for Health Informatics, Aalborg University
Vestre Havnepromenade 5
9000 Aalborg
Tel: +45 9940 9880
E-mail: dsmi@dsmi.dk